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Anatomically Correct Certification Online

Anatomy, Mythbusting, and Life Hacks to Reduce Pain and Improve Movement

The Anatomically Correct Certification Online gives you the gravitas of a certification, plus the confidence that you AND your clients have in you knowing what you're talking about!

You don't JUST get the bones and muscles, you get how to talk about them with your clients, you get how to handle common injuries, and you get exercises and movement patterns that will help you get your clients results faster and more effectively.


So sign up now to get yourself all of this juicy and delicious information on your own schedule!

  • Get the actual info you need to know about the anatomy and physiology of the body from someone who does what you do.

  • Know WHY common misconceptions about pain are wrong.

  • Tweak the lifestyle choices that actually make the pain worse into choices that make the pain go away.


Check out our topics:

  • Shoulder Restrictions and Reach

  • Low Back Pain and Support

  •  Knee Pain and What You're Missing

  • Foot Dysfunction and How it Affects EVERYTHING

  • Hip Joints and Mobility

  • The Sacroiliac Joint

  • Elbows, Wrists, and Thumbs

  • The Whole Damn Spine

Get high-quality anatomy teaching from an instructor who has specialized in human movement efficiency for the past 25+years, has been where you are doing the things you do, and knows what it's like. Lissa will teach you anatomy that's relevant to your work in a way that's also relevant to your clients, and most importantly-- it's FUN!

We have the corrective exercise training you need now to handle your clients and feel confident in your work-- and increase your clients' confidence in you, too! You'll learn how the anatomy SHOULD function-- and how to get it to work properly no matter what's going on.

You'll get 8 hours of quality info you can invest in you, your clients, and your career for a class you can take from anywhere, get your specific questions answered right then and there--and from a real person, with a real community around you! No more watching soulless videos solo; we're doing this together!

Organize your body, and your mind and your life will follow. We'll show you how.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the class schedule?

It's on your own time! All the classes are pre-recorded, so you can get to them immediately, after the kids are in bed, whenever a client cancels...

Is there a live version of this class?

Not right now (thanks, COVID!), but do get on my email list for details on times, locations, and prices once it happens again!

Does this certify me to teach this info to other teachers?

No. This class teaches you info to use in your own practice, If you are interested in becoming a Somatic Anatomy instructor, email me directly and we can talk!

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