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Anatomically Correct Certification

Anatomy, Mythbusting, and Life Hacks to Reduce Pain and Improve Movement

The Anatomically Correct Certification gives you the gravitas of a certification, plus the confidence that you AND your clients have in you knowing what you're talking about!

The Certification is in its early stages-- and because you're here now, you can take advantage of the early bird pricing, because we appreciate your being one of the few who's seeing this in its early stages, and whop knows this is what you want and need to move your career forward.


So get in now to get access to the first sections of video, then enjoy the rest as we put the last few pieces in place!

  • Get the actual info you need to know about the anatomy and physiology of the body from someone who does what you do.

  • Know WHY common misconceptions about pain are wrong.

  • Tweak the lifestyle choices that actually make the pain worse into choices that make the pain go away.


Check out our topics:

  • June: Shoulder Restrictions and Reach

  • July: Low Back Pain and Support

  • August: Knee Pain and What You're Missing

  • September: Foot Dysfunction and How it Affects EVERYTHING

  • October: Hip Joints and Mobility

  • November: The Sacroiliac Joint


  • Elbows, Wrists, and Thumbs

  • The Whole Damn Spine

Get high-quality anatomy teaching from an instructor who has specialized in human movement efficiency for the past 25+years, has been where you are doing the things you do, and knows what it's like. Lissa will teach you anatomy that's relevant to your work in a way that's also relevant to your clients, and most importantly-- it's FUN!

We have the corrective exercise training you need now to handle your clients and feel confident in your work-- and increase your clients' confidence in you, too! You'll learn how the anatomy SHOULD function-- and how to get it to work properly no matter what's going on.

You'll get 8 hours of quality info you can invest in you, your clients, and your career for a class you can take from anywhere, get your specific questions answered right then and there--and from a real person, with a real community around you! No more watching soulless videos solo; we're doing this together!

Organize your body, and your mind and your life will follow. We'll show you how.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the class schedule?

August's class on Knee Pain And How To Fix It will be August 17 at 11 AM EST

September's class will be 9/22 at 11 AM

October's class will be 10/12 at 11 AM

November's class will be 11/10 at 11 AM

What if I can't make a class time?

No problem! The replays are available in the group so you can watch them whenever you like. You can even submit a question in advance that will be answered during class-- then when you watch the replay, you'll get personalized info just as if you'd been there!

I only want to sign up for one month; can I do that?


OK, I  know that sounded a little harsh, but the body is a whole system, and (especially as we get into the lower body!) knowing a little is actually more dangerous than knowing nothing. This fuller understanding of the body is going to give you a much clearer picture of how to work with your body part of choice by checking out all the other classes! (Plus, ask questions as to how things link up! I'm here for you!)

What happens at the end of November?

All the classes stay available to you as long as you're part of the club-- and we'll have something new and delicious for you this winter-- keep an eye out!

Are you going to do a class on.... [fill in the topic here] soon?

Probably, if enough people are interested. I'll be polling MBAC members this summer as to what people want to see in the fall, so join up and have your say!

This sounds good, but I need more information to decide if this is for me. How do I get it?

Join The Anatomy Party, our free Facebook group, where we preview each month's class for the first 3 days of every month at 11 AM EST.

Click here to join The Anatomy Party.