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What TF is Somatics?

Short version: somatics is a category of disciplines that acknowledge that the mind IS the body, and the body IS the mind.

(Take that, Descartes!)

Somatic disciplines can include Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Method, and certain styles of Pilates and yoga, among others.

What is Somatics?
(Long version)

And what is Somatic Anatomy©?

Somatic Anatomy© addresses the body end of the mind-body scale-- we handle physical issues, not psychological or emotional issues.

I use a combination of techniques from my years of movement education and experience with my own injuries, among which are:

  • Alexander Technique

  • Body-Mind Centering©

  • Laban Movement Analysis

  • Bartenieff Fundamentals

  • Internal and External martial arts (Taijiquan, kung fu)

  • Mindfulness techniques, including:

    • Breathwork​

    • Moving meditations

    • Mindfulness exercises

When you work with me, you use these and other techniques I've developed to get in touch with your body, understand how it works, hear the messages it is sending you, and work with your own body to live a happier, healthier life.

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