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What can I do for you?


​I can help with:

  • Persistent jaw, neck, shoulder, back, hip, or knee pain that just won’t go away.

  • Recurring injuries that no physical therapist has totally solved.

  • The annoying way you sometimes hurt yourself when you sleep.

  • That frustrating pain that makes you feel old and keeps you from living your life the way you want to live it.

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How does the magic work?

When you work with me, I use the ANSR method to see exactly what's going on with your body and sort out the things that are contributing to your pain:

Assess what's happening with your body today: is there anything obvious in your stance or movement that is causing you pain? What are the habits you're in  that might be causing (or caused by) an issue?

New pattern: When your joints move well, they hurt less. Often, just changing what you know about joint movement changes how you move-- and brings huge relief.

Strengthen the muscles that support better movement habits, so it's easier to keep moving well. This is where specific exercises and stretches come in.

Reinforce your good habits with take-home exercises, and a maintenance routine that works with your schedule and your lifestyle, to keep you pain-free long-term. In-session, I'll also make sure you can do the exercise to get the most benefit out of it in the least time.

How do sessions work?

Right now, all sessions are online for COVID safety, and so I can work with people all over the world. (This is great if you travel a lot-- you never have to miss a session!)

We work for an hour a week on stretches, exercises, cues, and meditations to change your bad habits into good habits. You get take-homes every week, and a recording of the session so you can review or remind yourself-- or re-do the session daily, if you like!


In the first 3-5 sessions, you'll start to feel some real relief. And by the 10th session, you'll feel like a whole new person!

Note: not all issues can be resolved in 10 weeks. Give me a call if you want to find out more about your specific situation.

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