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Lissa Michalak, NASM-CPT, DEP, RSMT/E, is a practicing Somatic Movement Therapist specializing in musculoskeletal injuries. She has been teaching movement for more than 25 years and is a confirmed anatomy nerd and certification junkie, being a currently certified personal trainer through NASM, previously certified in both Pilates mat and equipment through IM=X Pilates, Pilates Institute of America, and is still current with the Kane School of Core Integration PIlates. Lissa taught teacher trainings at the Kane School before getting certified as a Dynamic Embodiment® Practitioner, and currently spends way too much time in cadaver labs, when she's not teaching online, live, or at national and international conferences. 

Find out more about Lissa at www.lissamichalak.com

Lissa and Dana have presented Somatic Anatomy© classes at national and international conferences, taught anatomy prerequisites and course material for teacher trainings, and designed custom course material to fit specific class requirements. Napoleon Boney Parts keeps it real-- real fun, and real accurate!

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Dana Davison, DEP, RSMT/E, studied classical ballet with Sher Farrell (Farrell Ballet Theatre) and Sir William Martin-Viscount (Fort Worth City Ballet) before graduating from University of Texas in Russian Studies and Journalism. In 2010, serendipity led her to an intensive study in Dynamic Embodiment Somatic Movement Education & Therapy with Martha Eddy. She teaches Moving for Life®, BodyMind Dancing® and offers private sessions as a Dynamic Embodiment® Practitioner and a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator.

Find out more about Dana at www.thesomafox.com

Napoleon Boney Parts, DEAD, AWSM, hails from New York City where he expresses his multi-faceted style in genres from steampunk to flower child to straight-up glamour skeleton! Preferring male pronouns because "they match my pelvis!", Napoleon is all about the body-ody-ody, and enjoys demonstrating anatomical locations and connections while staying fabulous at all times.

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