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Hacking your movement habits to keep you out of pain


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Lissa Michalak, "The Movement Hacker"

 RSME/T, NASM-CPT, Kane School Pilates
  • has taught movement efficiency since the early 90s

  • has had more injuries than you can shake a stick at-- and still runs, dances, trains kung fu, and does whatever the heck she wants to with her body.

  • helps people get out of pain with simple daily movements that hack into the body's natural healing protocols

  • wants you to try movement education before you try pills and surgery

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What is "Somatics"?

"Somatics", or "somatic" means a discipline that doesn't differentiate between the mind and the body-- because they're too interconnected to separate meaningfully.

"Somatic" is becoming more of a catchphrase in the mindfulness industry, because it sounds cool. And it IS cool!


But here at Somatic Anatomy, we go beyond Instagram-style mindfulness phrases and take you into the actual place the mind meets the body-- and vice versa.


I've been teaching efficient movement since the early 1990s, and have been certified in Pilates and personal training since the early 2000s.


I have spent hours in cadaver labs and continuing education classes, and teach anatomy for Marymount Manhattan College's Dance Department, as well as for several yoga, Pilates, and dance teacher certifications.

And when you are tired of being in pain, I can use all this knowledge and experience to get you feeling stronger, better, and more capable of doing the things you loved to do.

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Anatomy Classes

The most fun, engaging, and relevant anatomy classes your certification has ever teamed up with.

The classes that teach you what you REALLY need to know about your body-- and that you remember afterwards.

You want to take these classes.


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